Hydrovac / Hydro Excavator – SVHX

Finally, Hydro Excavation got a lot more exciting. As a result of In-house design and manufacturing, our Hydro Excavator is built to exceed all your expectations. Most of all in terms of fabrication quality. Also on site performance, durability, and payload. Being a true performer in Urban Areas and in Rural applications as well. Available in Canada and the USA.

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Septic Trucks – SVST

Powerful and reliable. Due to our Septic Trucks excellent performance, your company will grow upon reliable Equipment. Especially relevant are the Pumps and high-quality Vacuum Tanks. We only put the best onto and into our Units. As a result, they'll provide your company with the ability to serve your customers better! A Septic Pumper Truck that'll serve you a long time in a big way.


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Industrial Straightvac – SVIT

Whatever your needs are, we can build the Tanks to meet them. Our Industrial Straightvacs come with powerful Blower options and winterization features to keep you on the job site even in the harshest of conditions. Adding variety and flexibility to your Tanker Fleet. We supply the Equipment so you can stay focused on providing high-quality service.


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Portapotty Trucks – SVPT

Our Port-A-Pot Trucks are the best possible combination of mobility and usefulness. In a business where emergency strikes, it's important to be fast and accurate. With intelligent design and the operator in mind, our Portapotty Trucks are laid out to perform and boost business. Giving you the opportunity to boost your business by saving time on the job-site.


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Being a local company it was appealing to Crown Utilities when approached by SchellVac to see what they could offer in terms of a hydrovac unit, service, and parts. Being able to demonstrate the unit prior to purchasing it locally helped immensely. In addition to being able to work out an amicable deal on the purchase price, Alex and Sergei made themselves available for any assistance required prior, during, and after the purchase. On behalf of Crown Utilities, we would highly recommend SchellVac Equipment. They are very professional and understand the needs of the customer. They go above and beyond with their service and customer satisfaction.

Alex Grennier, BSc – Crown Utilities, Manitoba