Hard work! Commitment! Persistent persuasion of dreams and goals! This is what the all new SVHX11 is fueled by. With the SVHX11 being just the Tip of the Iceberg we’re going to announce new Models in 2017.

The most obvious change is the lightweight design. We focused on providing excellent built quality, a reliable performance by being the lightest 11 Yards Tandem Drive Hydrovac. That means we’re offering an opportunity to save on Fuel, Time and Money. With all the benefits that the SVHX11 comes with, you’ll be glad to have chosen an SVHX to be your next Hydro Excavator:

  • Tandem axle chassis
  • Hoisted 11ᶟ yards debris tank
  • Interior of Tank is lined with hard epoxy liner
  • Heavy duty Hydraulic door locks
  • Cyclone and cartridge filtration system
  • 3800 CFM – 6400 CFM 28” Hg direct drive PD blower
  • Remote controlled 8” telescopic boom 320° rotation, 20° down tilt & 60° up tilt & 23’ reach
  • Aluminum 1350 US gallon fresh water capacity
  • Hydraulic driven pressure washer system up to 4000 PSI & 20 GPM
  • 300,000 – 900,000 BTU boiler
  • Cold weather package including glycol system
  • Electronic system control at operator station (curb side)
  • LED light package

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