SVHX11 Specs


  • Hoisted 11-Cubic Yard Debris Body
  • Reinforcement Pads on all Major Tank Attachments
  • Circumferential Reinforcement Rings
  • Full-Length Tank Frame w/ Hydraulic Cylinder Mount & Heavy-Duty Grease-able Tank Hinges
  • Hydraulic Double Acting Cylinder
  • Hydraulic Half Opening Rear Door w/ Four Heavy Duty Hydraulic Locks
  • Full-Length Aluminum Plate Stay Down Hose Trays/ Fenders
  • Primary Shut-off Complete w/ 10-inch Stainless Float Ball & Stainless Cage Assembly
  • High Capacity Aluminum Cyclone Assembly w/ 17-inch Bottom Clean-Out and 2-inch Brass Drain Valve
  • 6-inch Heated Discharge Assembly Complete w/ 6-inch Air Operated Stem Valve, w/ 6-inch Cam-Lock Coupler & Dust Cap
  • Heated 4-inch Rear Fill Assembly Complete w/ 4-inch Air Operated Piston Valve, 4-inch Cam-Lock Coupler & Dust Cap
  • 8-inch Vacuum Relief Valve Operated by an Air Valve w/ Switch Located at Operator Station and on the Remote Control
  • Load Level Indicator on D/S of Tank
  • Access Ladder w/ Safety Walkway and Tie-Off on D/S of Tank


  • Remote Controlled 8-inch Telescopic Boom w/ 23-feet of Reach, 320 Degree Rotation, 20-Degree Down Tilt, 60-Degree Up Tilt
  • Manual Boom Control Override at Operator Station
  • 12-inch Boom Swivel with Clean-Out


  • 1000-Gallon Fresh Water Capacity
  • Heated Water Tank w/ Internal Tubing Heated Off Chassis Coolant System
  • Electronic Load Level Indicator
  • Tank to Pump Suction Shut-Off Y-Type Strainer w/ Stainless Steel Filter Element
  • Easily Accessible Inspection Ports
  • Curb Side Fill Assembly


  • Interpump Pressure Pump (Maximum Capacity is 10 GPM @ 2900 PSI), Variable Speed


  • Dynablast, Steam or High-Pressure, 420,000 BTU, 7-Gallons @ 165 Degrees Fahrenheit Heat Rise (220 Degree’s Fahrenheit Output)
  • Diagnostic Panel, Temperature Gauge, 3500 PSI Relief Valve, Steam Relief Valve, 750 PSI, Electronic Ignition
  • Dynablast Control Panel
  • One Air Operated Hose Reel
  • One 6-foot and One 4-foot Dig-Wand Assemblies
  • Glycol System Winterization System


  • Rotary Lobe Positive Displacement Robuschi RBDV 125 (3800 CFM @ 28-inch Hg) Vacuum Blower Package
  • High-Efficiency Intake and Exhaust Silencer System
  • OMSI Transfer Case Direct Drive


  • Primary Shut-Off
  • Heavy Duty Aluminum Cyclone w/ 17-inch Clean-Out
  • Cartridge Final Filter
  • 8-inch Vacuum Unloader Valve


  • System Control at Operator Station Located at Curbside of Unit
  • Remote Control to Have Following Functions: Boom Control Up-Down, Left-Right, Pressure Pump On/Off, Vacuum Relief On/Off


  • Tank Exterior is Sandblasted, Epoxy Primed and Painted Endura White
  • Tank Interior is Sandblasted and Lined w/ Hard Epoxy Liner
  • Frame Components are Sandblasted, Primed and Painted Black


  • DOT Approved LED Lighting (All Connections Soldered or Factory Connections)
  • All Lights to Be Installed In Sealed Light Boxes
  • (6) LED Work Lights for Night Service, Mounted on Left, Right, and Rear Sides of the Unit
  • (4) LED Boom Lights
  • (4) LED Beacon Lights Visible From All Four Sides

SVHX11 Details

Truck Type: Hydrovac Trucks
Condition: New
Year: 2018
Make: Peterbilt
Model: 546
Engine Make: Cummins
Engine Model: ISX-12
Horsepower: 450HP
Fuel Type: Diesel
Transmission: 18 Speed
Engine Brake: Yes
Suspension Type: Air Trac
Wheels: Aluminum
Rear Axles: Tandem
GVWR: 66,000
Front Axle Weight: 20,000
Rear Axle Weight: 46,000
Differential Lock: Yes
A/C: Yes
Power Windows: Yes
Power Locks: Yes
DOT Inspection: Yes
Body Make: SchellVac
Body Model: SVHX11
Vacuum Type: PD Blower
Pump Make: Robuschi
Pump Model: RBDV 125
CFM Rating: 3800 CFM
Pump Hg. Rating: 28"
Water Pump: Yes
Pump Make: Interpump
GPM Rating: 10 GPM
PSI Rating: 2900 PSI
Vacuum Boom: Yes
Remote Control: Wireless/Manual
Hot Water Boiler: Yes
Boiler Make: Dynablast
Boiler BTU Rating: 420,000
Tank Type: Non-Code
Tank Material: Carbon/Aluminum
Lined Tank: Hard Epoxy Lined
Compartments: Two
Tank Capacity: 11 Cubic Yards
Water Capacity: 1000 Gallons
Heated Valves: Yes
Location: Manitoba, Canada